Robert Leach

Adult Male Voice Talent

What clients are saying about Robert's work

  • ◆ "Robert did a great job and I will use him again."
       Phil Younger, Owner, Talon Lodge
       Here's one of Robert's Talon Lodge spots:
  • ◆ "Hey Robert, You nailed it! This really adds another dimension to the film! I appreciate the coverage and the fast turnaround. I definitely will call you up next time I need voice talent! Thanks for everything."
       Johnny Weaver, Writer/Director, The Faith Machine
  • ◆ "Robert, Thanks so much, you did a great job, we really appreciate it!"
       Push Button Productions LLC
  • ◆ "Wow.. very good. Glad I found you."
       Shawn Livermore, Owner, Ziptask
  • ◆ "We appreciate all your hard work...These [voiceovers] are just what we were looking for. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we will definitely be contacting you again with our next projects."
       Steven G. Aldana, PhD, Owner of Wellsteps
  • ◆ "Robert, I am very impressed."
       Desmond Ong, Creative Director, Online Spark
  • ◆ "Hey Robert, this is exactly what I had in mind—thanks and nice job. I'll be in touch for future projects, we have a couple more to do."
       Chris Regan, RFVenue
  • ◆ "Good read! Thanks Robert... Thanks for everything"
       J. F. Musial, Producer, Fast Lane Daily
       (Watch Fast Lane Daily video on Robert's main page)
  • ◆ "You've been totally professional and very client conscious just like last time. Thanks much!"
       Steve Terrell, Team Banzai Media Group
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